CLAGS Fellowship Award

Amount: $2,000

Next Deadline: June 1, 2015, 8:00 pm

An award to be given annually for a graduate student, an academic, or an independent scholar for work on a dissertation, a first book manuscript, or a second book manuscript. The CLAGS Fellowship is open to intellectuals contributing to the field of LGBTQ studies. Intended to give the scholar the most help possible in furthering their work, the fellowship will be able to be used for research, travel, or writing support. Adjudicated by the CLAGS fellowships committee.

Submissions Guidelines:


  1. A cover letter stating your name, address, contact information, school/campus affiliation and project description.
  2. If submitting a dissertation, please submit the most complete version of your dissertation; if submitting a first or second book manuscript, please submit at least three chapters from your proposed project.
  3. If submitting a dissertation, one copy of the abstract; if submitting a book manuscript, one copy of your prospectus.

Applications may be submitted directly through email or through file-transfer sites such as WeTransfer. Please send all submissions/file transfers to Files saved on CD are also accepted. Print copies will not be accepted.

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