counterpunch NEWS UPDATE 5-2-2015

Mike Whitney says Freddie Gray would not be dead if he’d been white.

Roberto J. González examines the Army’s cutting-and-pasting of cultural knowledge.

Nick Alexandrov looks back to when the violence in Baltimore really started.

Rob Urie on Baltimore, police violence and economic justice.

Jeffrey St. Clair tells the parable of the premature Osprey.

Robert Fantina on Hillary Clinton the elitist, imperialist, politician extraordinaire.

Jean Bricmont wonders if Europe remembers what happened 40 years ago.

Eric Draitser on the politics of ‘looting’ and ‘violence’.

Andre Vltchek reveals the hidden tears of Punjab.

Pepe Escobar on NATO versus China, Russia and Iran.

Alison Weir reveals how a Washington Post columnist cherry-picked estimates on Israel’s nukes.
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