Trans Teen Takes on the DMV, Wins Right to Wear Makeup

Sociologists are interested in studying how our institutions — in addition to our ideologies and interactions — reflect social norms in ways that tend to reproduce the status quo. A great example happened recently in South Carolina. In this case, the institution is the Department of Motor Vehicles, the norm is that boys and men don’t wear makeup, and the case is Chase Culpepper, a male-bodied trans teen who wanted to wear makeup in her driver’s license photo.

The officials at the DMV told her that she wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in the photo because it would be a “disguise.” As reported by NPR:

The department… cited a 2009 rule that prohibited applicants from “purposely altering his or her appearance so that the photo would misrepresent his or her identity.”

They told Culpepper to take off her makeup or go home without a license. She did what they said. She shared these before and after photos with the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, who shared them with the public. (gehiago…)

The Geography of a Restaurant Menu

I’ve posted about the use of apparent discounts as a marketing tool and about the rise of the shopping cart. Since I’m on a little marketing-related posting trend, I figured I might as well post about restaurant menus. New York Magazine recently provided an analysis of menus and how things such as placement, images, and so on influence purchases.

Here’s the menu analyzed in the article:


Some of the most interesting elements numbered on the menu: (gehiago…)

El corralito energético: La insostenible situación del sector eléctrico español

Ahora todos las personas tienen la posibilidad de generar su propia energía y ser autosuficientes. En teoría se posibilita un desarrollo global equitativo y justo, pero surge la duda; si el mundo lucha por mejorar la producción de energías, ¿porqué en España existen trabas a las renovables?¿qué es el famoso impuesto al Sol?, como predijeron “Los Simpsons” ¿ha venido el Sr. C. Montgomery Burns y ha tapado el Sol para poder aumentar los beneficios de su central nuclear?

corralito-energetico-españa (gehiago…)

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