Bernardo E. Brown

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Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

CODESRIA National Working Groups

Call for 2015 Proposals

Deadline : 15 March  2015           

One of the most important vehicles that CODESRIA uses to mobilise national-level research capacities and channel them into organised reflections has been the National Working Groups (NWGs) Programme. Through this mechanism the Council encourages African researchers to autonomously organise and pursue research on priority themes of their choice. NWGs have been supported by the Council in over forty African countries and have resulted in some of the most interesting studies on politics, the economy and society in contemporary Africa. To better complement research institutions in Africa, the Council now requires the systematic anchorage of NWGs in university departments, faculties, and research centres as well as independent research networks and centres. All NWG proposals submitted to CODESRIA have, since 2007, been required to demonstrate this institutional anchorage and budget for an end-of-study dissemination workshop. Further, to promote the involvement of wider communities in knowledge production and consumption, the Council also now provides resources for the dissemination of the work produced by NWG to national audiences in the countries in which studies are undertaken. Applicants are requested to include a line for such dissemination in their budgets.