World Social Science Forum 2015

On behalf of the International Social Science Council, I am pleased to invite you to the third World Social Science Forum which will be co-hosted by HSRC and CODESRIA.

A broad range of topics can be addressed under theme “Transforming global relations for a just world”, many of which are open to interdisciplinary and comparative interrogation. These topics include amongst others — global inequalities as it relates to governance, patterns of production and consumption, cultural exchanges, quality health and education, climate change and adaptation, and human rights and social justice. The action oriented nature of the theme will allow the Forum to demonstrate the relevance of social science for public policies and social intervention.

We trust that as we meet in Durban in 2015 to deliberate on global transformations for a just world we will have the wisdom to learn from our varied experiences as we examine social science for knowledge co-production, public policies and social intervention.

Prof. Olive Shisana
Chairperson: WSS Forum 2015
Chief Executive Officer, Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa

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